Friday, February 17, 2012

Dog Kills Baby

I always recommend that people not leave kids and dogs alone unsupervised. Kids under 10 years of age should not be alone with larger mammals, whether that be horses, pigs, llamas, cattle... or dogs. We live in a Disneyfied world where we think dogs are like the cartoon characters we see in Lady and the Tramp. Sorry, that's not the real world. If you lived on a ranch, you'd keep your kids safe from the ranch animals, supervising both, training both.

On the other hand, I wouldn't get paranoid about owning a dog if I had kids. But some common sense needs to apply. There are ways of educating yourself about dog and kid safety. You have a responsibility to be a knowledgeable dog owner if you have a kid, or your dog will be interacting with kids. NO one knows why this dog killed this baby. It's a tragedy but not much more is known. I don't blame the parents, they didn't know either. But, let's make sure others are aware that dogs are still canines, and not humans. So, they have different behavioral patterns than humans.

THERE WAS ANOTHER INFANT KILLED IN A SIMILAR WAY in Beaver, Pennsylvania. Same kind of set up. The 2 day infant was left alone and died. This was also a Husky, like the first story. This isn't about dog breed, however, it is about dog and kid safety.

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