Saturday, February 18, 2012

More Than 500 Dogs Seized From North Carolina Puppy Mills

Here is another raid on a puppy mill in North Carolina. So, new legislation is being proposed. This will NOT solve the puppy mill problem. The breeding will go, and has been going, south of the border to Mexico. The problem is that buyers need to be educated about how to properly buy a purebred dog... from a hobby breeder, committed and involved in the breed, active with breed clubs and someone with years of experience and lots of credible accomplishments and references. Pet store dogs are often puppy mill dogs. And they cost as much or more, and will be less healthy and trainable, than higher quality dogs from hobby breeders. New laws will just make this problem worse. Do you think dogs bred in Mexico will have a better life than dogs bred in North Carolina? I bet the conditions will be even worse and even more dogs will die horrible deaths on the way to pet stores.

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