Friday, February 17, 2012

Should These Guys Get Back These Puppies?

A couple of guys were arrested for having 43 puppies in the back of their car, transporting them to pet stores. The judge said it was a "clear case" of animal cruelty... but still gave them back the puppies!


The article says the dogs were on their way to be sold at pet stores. LESSON: Don't buy dogs from pet stores. Every ethical pet professional says this, but stupid people still do. I won't even walk into pet stores that sell dogs. Only buy purebred dogs from reputable, hobby breeders who are long time members of recognized breed clubs... people and dogs you can check out by getting references.

Otherwise, you get more of this kind of thing. Imagine stuffing 43 dogs into a vehicle. Read the link. See if you agree with me... I think the judge was either an idiot or the law is such that he couldn't do more, or both.

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