Friday, February 17, 2012

Can I Use An Electric Collar To Stop My Dog From Whining?

A short answer: No

The noises a dog makes are a result of how a dog feels. If you don't change how the dog feels, you can't change how the dog "talks". It is inhumane to use electric collars without expert assistance. They have their role in advanced obedience work (such as an advanced dog being trained to obey 200 yards away), but not for basic obedience and not for most types of manners problems (such as whining). 

Dogs whine because they are in distress, needing comfort. Adding to their discomfort by correcting them will only make the situation worse. You might minimize the whining some, but the problem will leak out somewhere else, including creating new neurotic behaviors or even health problems. This would be true even if you aren't using an electric collar. It is just as inhumane to correct a dog with any other technique for whining. You need to find out why the dog is soliciting care or comfort. The dog is saying it is in an impossible situation and needs help.

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