Wednesday, February 22, 2012

These Laws Wouldn't Have Prevented Child Being Mauled By Husky

Many dog laws are stupid. They have no relationship to whether a person is a responsible dog owner, nor do they prevent dog attacks. Recently, a 3 year old was mauled by the family's Husky. So now, what is going to happen?

  1. If the dog had a license, would the child not be injured today?
  2. If the dog had a current rabies vaccine, would the child not have been attacked?
  3. And if the dog had no prior history of aggression, how would the mom be able to predict that this dog would maul her child?

This is the kind of immoral, stupid, reactionary things that animal control and politicians do to cover their fleshy behinds so the finger isn't pointed at them. It is what they do when they don't have a better plan for dealing with tragedies. The fact is, there is NO law that can prevent all tragedies, including this kind. Yes, kids shouldn't be left unsupervised with any dog. Yes, laws should be obeyed. But, none of that would have prevented this or any future such tragedies. Now, the situation is made even worse by government idiots.

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