Friday, July 21, 2006

Liposuction For Dogs?

Patch is believed to be the first dog in Australia to have undergone liposuction, an increasingly popular operation for overweight humans.

His problem was not obesity, but fatty tumours. One, on his left hind leg, was so large it was threatening to cripple him within months. "To see him degenerate was tearing at my heartstrings," Ms Williams said.

Amazing. Though you have to figure that this isn't a cure, just a treatment. Hopefully this dog is doing well and lives a long and happy life. With modern technology, we are on the verge of saving dogs that really should be put down. I have seen dogs that were too old and too sick to have treatments, but the owners did it anyway. The dogs still died and the treatments were painful and highly stressful for the dog, not to mention extremely costly. You have to use your judgment in these cases, and decide what is best for your dog, even if it means euthanasia, not what will make you avoid the pain of losing your pet.

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