Thursday, July 20, 2006

Are You Allergic To A Specific Dog Or Breed?

Many dogs are given away AFTER the owners find out they are allergic to their dogs. I recommend finding out if you are allergic to a particular dog BEFORE you bring it home to be your pet.

First, discuss your allergy with your doctor and only proceed with an evaluation with their advice and permission. One way to perform a test is to bring 3 or 4 bath towels with you when you first visit the breeder, shelter or rescue organization. Lay the towels around the dog or dogs you are interested in, and have the dogs lay around them for about an hour. You could even rub the dogs down with the towels. Put the towels into plastic bags and bring them home. At night, open the bag and take out the first towel. Roll up the first towel and place it at the head of your bed, above your pillow. Go to bed, then see how you feel the next day. After 2 days, bring out the second towel and repeat this test for 2 days. Repeat this with the third towel for another 2 days. If you have multiple family members, cut the towels into wide strips and make rolls for each person's bedroom pillow.

I figure if you are going to show an allergic reaction, this will provoke it. If you are SEVERELY ALLERGIC, you should NOT do this. People who are severely allergic to anything should be working with a qualified doctor, because a severe allergic reaction could be lethal.

You should NOT do this with children without the approval and direction of your family doctor!!! I'm NOT a doctor. Again... allergies can kill some people. But, if you got the dog, and left it in the room of your kid without first testing your kid's allergic reaction to the dog, then you could wake up to a dead child anyway... so I figure it is best to do a controlled test in cooperation with your doctor.

There is NOT a good excuse for not testing for allergic reactions BEFORE you get a dog.

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