Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Police Mistakes Cause Death Of Dog

A preliminary autopsy has revealed that a New Brunswick police dog died from strangulation over the weekend while out hunting for a man.

Hrain was on the hunt for the man, trying to sniff him out of the woods but then he got loose. It was while on the prowl without his handler, leash flailing behind him, that Hrain ran into trouble.

Here's the way I see what happened. This is both a serious handler error and a training failure. The dog went on attack without first being released from the leash. So, the dog could be strangled once it found the suspect. Also, the dog didn’t come back. I’m sure the handler called the dog back, but it didn’t return. This is a training failure.

So, you want a protection dog? Do you have any idea of how to deploy the dog? Do you have any idea of how to prevent accidents like this? Do you have any idea of how to train and control such a dog? No. I'm sure you don't. And if you don't, you could not only cause the death of your dog, you could be killed by the criminal, too.

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