Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Criminal Neglect

Faibish's son, Nicholas, was killed June 3, 2005, after his mother left him at home alone with the two pit bulls, Rex and Ella, while she went with her daughter on a school picnic. Ella was in heat, prompting Rex to behave in a more aggressive manner, according to both the prosecution and the defense.

Faibish instructed her son, who was diagnosed with receptive and expressive speech impairments and had refused to attend school that day, to stay in the basement, where she had left snacks and a television. She told police she had given him a shovel to prop the door closed and keep the pit bulls away.

When Faibish returned almost three hours later, she found her son dead in an upstairs bedroom, and her efforts to revive him were unsuccessful.

Because the boy died, she faces a felony child endangerment charges with a special enhancement, and if convicted, she faces up to 10 years in prison.

If this story is accurate, I would also have recommended this mother be charged with criminal neglect. First, if the story told here is true (and I never completely believe any story in the media… I’ve seen too many distortions over the years), then I figure a.) the mother clearly knew the kid wasn’t mentally competent to be left alone; b.) she didn’t trust the kid alone with the dogs, especially because the dog had bitten the kid earlier in the day; and c.) something made her concerned enough about the dogs for her to use a shovel to keep the dogs away from the boy. This really isn’t a pit bull story, this is about leaving a handicapped kid with unstable dogs… it is about criminal neglect of a child... did you read about the living conditions in the home? Also, who knows what went on with these dogs prior to this incident. It is very unusual, in my experience, for any dog to attack a family member without prior abuse, neglect, or bad training. Further, WHY WOULD YOU BE BREEDING DOGS THAT WEREN'T GOOD WITH KIDS? The female dog was in heat and left with a male... so, this makes me suspicious these dogs were going to be used for breeding purposes, don't you think? Remember what I always say about checking out breeders before you get a dog... you could end up with some kind of a freak dog. Read between the lines of this story... and I'm guessing a lot was going wrong here.

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