Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Tethering Dog Ownership?

Tie up your dog to any stationary object for more than three hours and you could go to jail if Senate Bill 1578 passes. The bill would make it an infraction or a misdemeanor to tether a dog for more than three hours a day.

This is in California... and being proposed by animal rights activists...

Have you noticed, all over the country, you see this same bill being proposed and passed? Dogs can’t be tethered longer than 3 hours a day…

Though I’m against tethering as a way of restraining an unsupervised dog, this is an organized animal rights campaign. I don’t feel good about it. Something stinks about this legislation, but I’m not sure why. I don’t know the larger agenda here, but something is afoot.

I do know that they are passing “standard of care” statutes in Europe, regulating pet owners to the point of mandating the minimum sizes of dog houses and kennels, types of food, hours of play time, etc. I think this is just another foot in the door to get these larger goals implemented.


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Steve said...

This law is designed to provide animal rights wackos with a tool towards confiscating your pet.

Obviously, this law cannot be enforced by animal control officers, because they can't go house-to-house peeking into people's yards to see if there's a tethered dog, and then check back in a few hours to see if it's still there.

Rather, it allows neighbors to call animal control. This way, a PETA member living next door to you has another weapon to use against you. He'll just call up humane society, or whatever organization is enforcing the animal laws there, and get your dog eliminated.

I wrote about this on DoggieNews awhile back. They're using "dangerous dogs" as the reason for implementing this, and the pit bull attacks you see in the news all the time. I'm pretty sure lawmakers will feel good about passing this one.