Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Sneaky Backdoor Ways Of Banning Dog Ownership

Chicago aldermen have cracked down on foie gras, public smoking, noisy street musicians and drivers yakking on cell phones.

Now they want to microchip Fido.

"Tags come off sometimes," said Patrick McNulty, director of the county's Department of Public Health, which oversees Animal Control. "If an animal is involved in a bite situation, we can identify it. But mostly, it's to return your animal to you."

Other new provisions include new licensing categories for grooming facilities, guard dog services and pet day-care facilities. Also included is a new ordinance that sets guidelines for tethering dogs, including setting a time limit of three hours and mandating access to food, water and shelter.

This is a sneaky effort by the city of Chicago to go after your dogs.

This won’t make people more responsible over their dogs, prevent dog bites, or do anything. It is just a way to track dog ownership and make more revenue for government to waste. It is just more government intrusion into our lives, to make it more difficult to own a dog, and to cut into the dog business.

This is all driven by animal rights activists. They are incrementally using the law to ban dog ownership.

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