Sunday, March 19, 2006

CONTROVERSY: Puppy Scalded By Acid

Animal advocates from around the world have expressed their outrage over the treatment of a pit-bull puppy in Federal Way that had to be euthanized after it was burned with acid over most of its body.

Pasado's Safe Haven, a nonprofit animal rescue and rehabilitation center in Sultan, said it continues to receive angry calls and e-mails from around the United States, Canada and Europe about the 4-month-old puppy whose body, face, mouth and paws were so severely scalded that veterinarians could not save it.

The controversy here is more than just a horribly abused dog. The controversy is also in how the body was disposed of after the crime. By cremating the body, a good deal of evidence might have been destroyed, making activists wonder if this will thwart the apprehension and conviction of the criminal who mercilessly killed this poor pit bull dog.

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