Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Help Needed For 34 Young Dobermans

There were several emails this morning in regard to 34 Dobes confiscated in Alabama. This is true and the situation is grave. These Dobes were confiscated from a deplorable person claiming to be Dobe Rescue, who was breeding these Dobes. The facility they are being brought to are processing these Dobes, five a day. Two were put to sleep yesterday. Right now, there are 4 females and 3 males, with five more coming in tomorrow, etc.

These Dobes are young. The oldest being around 1 1/2 so far. They are malnourished, probably have demodedic mange and may have Heartworms. They have sweet temperaments and are just looking for a human to love. This volume is far too much for any one group to absorb and the facility is not that big where they are being brought to, so they cannot hold them for a long period of time. We need any and all available rescue groups or individuals that can handle at least of these Dobes to help out. Transport can be arranged, or we will put out a plea for that. I know the Dobe community has been begged to death for help, however, this is a heartbreaking situation where so many young Dobes are going to die, who will probably make great companion Dobes and will be forever grateful to whoever helps them.

Please contact:

Marcia Cowen - okdobie@olp.net or Pamela Gray - redlandrescue@aol.com (918) 366-4554 (786)243-1890 We are preparing a spread sheet of these Dobes and who can help where.


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