Monday, March 20, 2006

Dog Flu Not Preventable

Doggy daycare centers, boarders and groomers are feeling a financial bite since an outbreak of canine influenza first appeared in Denver in January. Some have lost thousands of dollars after having had to shut down for days or weeks at a time to disinfect their facilities and prevent further spread of the virus.

Vets say there's little people can do to prevent the spread of the canine flu. It's a new strain that originated among greyhounds at racetracks. Most dogs lack immunity, but once they come in contact with the flu, vets claim the dogs will build up an immunity that will last about two years. Several drug companies are working on a vaccine.

So… you are telling me that those in the pet business are losing money because of dog flu… but there isn’t anything we can do about the spread of the disease? Meaning, therefore, that washing of hands, using bleach and other cleaners, etc. are a waste of time? Then, we might as well ride this one out. If you have a dog with a good immune system, it will survive. If not, then your dog will perish. Harsh, but that is what seems to be the situation.

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