Friday, March 24, 2006

Needed: CSI For Dogs

We need Crime Scene Investigators to solve dog abuse crimes. In some cities, they take it very seriously. In others, they are incompetent or don't care. Compare the following three stories.

In the first story, we see the death of a puppy, and the police are investigating what happened...

Authorities in Attleboro are investigating the apparent beating death of a 14-month-old English setter.

And then there is this. We have a potential serial dog killer on the loose, and authorities are looking for a killer.

Another decapitated dog was found in Superior Township on Wednesday

Then we see another case of a dog that died as a result of pit fighting, and the authorities there are investigating what happened...

The dog was found Saturday with her legs bound with duct tape near railroad tracks behind 317 LaGrange Avenue in Rochester. A necropsy performed by vets at the Humane Society determined that the dog died from wounds inflicted by another dog. The dog was dead before being bound with duct tape.

And lastly, we see the continuing bungling of animal control in the Seattle area… they cremated the body of a dog that died of chemical burns before a necropsy had been performed. (Note that in the previous case above, they DID perform a necropsy of the dog bound in duct tape... this is the normal procedure.) I have said, for many years, that there are Dog Haters among some of the top animal control administrators in our major cities, and these plush jobs are handed to political favorites instead of competent officials. In addition, I have seen them hire incompetent people to do animal control work. Many innocent dogs have died at their hands, and the bureaucratic leadership fights harder for their jobs than for the animals they are supposed to protect. And here, once again, is more evidence that this opinion of mine is correct...

King County Animal Control came under fire by a number of people for cremating Mooie, three days after they picked him up without performing a necropsy. Critics said the necropsy would have provided valuable evidence for later prosecution.

What kind of sicko could do these crimes to a dog? But, in the end, we need the authorities to do a competent job of tracking down the perpetrators. Unfortunately, we don't have good animal control programs in many of our major cities. In King County, the authorities have the gall to say that a necropsy wasn't necessary... just to cover themselves. They have blown it. The folks involved should resign in disgrace... but, no. They will go on with their jobs and another dog abuse case will probably remain unsolved. They will spend more time pursuing a barking dog case, or prosecuting someone for a dog killing a neighbor's cat in its own yard, or for a dog being a dog, or fighting against fair dog laws, than they will fixing what is wrong with their processes, procedures and personnel. It is time we pushed for reform in animal control. Animal control is out of control.

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