Sunday, March 19, 2006

Mouth Masks?

Local dog owners have been rushing to buy mouth masks and harnesses for their pets, despite the steep prices, to ensure the animals don't scare other people while being taken out.

This is being done to comply with the Law of the People's Republic of China on Security Administration Punishment, which came into effect on March 1.

According to the law, owners will be given an administrative warning if their pets, mostly dogs, adversely affect the daily lives of other residents.

If the dogs intimidate residents, the owners will be fined between 200 yuan (US$25) and 500 yuan.

The law makes it mandatory for dog owners to buy mouth masks even if their price is much higher than the ones used by human beings.

Mouth Masks? This is completely idiotic overregulation. Read the entire article. This is what happens when you pass laws to appease the irrational fears of a few. This is no different than the so-called “menacing” laws in force in many cities. In these cities, if your neighbor is afraid of dogs, they can make a complaint that your dog “scared” them… even if your dog was 2 miles away… and you’ll get a notice that your dog is now a “potentially dangerous dog”. Such a designation can cause you to be fined, your homeowner’s insurance to be cancelled, and your dog impounded by animal control. Even if you never saw this idiot neighbor of yours, and even if your dog never interacted with them.

I think these politicians and dog phobic nuts need the masks and harnesses, instead. Don’t you agree?

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