Friday, July 21, 2006

PETA Butts In Where It Isn't Needed... Again

The People for the Efficient Termination of Animals (PETA) is complaining that George W. Bush is breaking the law by not forcing our military to accomodate people's pets in the evacuation of Americans from Lebanon.

While I seriously mourn for pets left behind after natural disasters and wars, sometimes there aren’t any good options and you just have to flee. Note after the Katrina Hurricane, volunteers are STILL trying to find homes for all the dogs. Some people never came back for their dogs, some who wanted their dogs have been reunited, and some will never see their pets again.

I think we do need provisions to allow people to evacuate with their pets in an emergency… however… these decisions have to be made in context with the saving of human lives. I would not want to see a single child, woman or man sacrificed for the life of any of these pets. I believe that the Red Cross, or similar organization, should be set up to evacuate pets. Fundraising could be done in advance for such emergencies, volunteers lined up, rules adopted, procedures put into operation, and pets reunited with their owners.

There is a full blown war going on in Lebanon. War is hell. Those that started and wanted this war are really to blame for the condition of pets being left behind, not President George W. Bush. In a war, pet volunteers would risk being kidnapped, tortured, beheaded, or murdered by the terrorists. Who is going to volunteer to do pet rescue work in a war zone, when you are also deemed to be the enemy? Do you really think that the Islamo-nazis care one bit about your pets or volunteers? In Iran, they have banned people from taking their dogs for walks in public, deeming such activities as being un-Islamic. Those pets are a sign of you being an infidel to these fanatics. You and your pets would just be target practice.

Have you watched the chemical weapons tests performed on pet dogs? I saw pictures in the media after we invaded Afghanistan of dogs who had been used for such horrifying experiments by Al-Qaeda.

We are in a fight about Western values vs. fanaticism. They banned dogs in Communist China during the Cultural Revolution because they represented a sign of wealth, and to squeeze more assets from the public to enrich their empire. The Islamo-nazis ban dogs because they believe dogs are unclean and represent an affront to their religion (even though dogs were NOT banned by Mohammed and are permitted by Islam... in fact they are mentioned and condoned for use in hunting in accepted Muslim texts).

This kind of campaign by the animal rights wackos is just another illustration of how dangerous they are to all of us. Their policies play directly into the hands of those who would turn us all into little Neville Chamberlains.

A war against dog ownership, wherever it occurs, is a war against mankind and nature.

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