Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Animal Hoarders

Frederick County animal control officers are evaluating whether to press criminal charges against a Mount Airy woman after finding 184 dead cats and a dead dog in her house, along with 117 living cats and three living dogs, officials said yesterday.

Six animal control officers and a sheriff's deputy were required Friday to handle the situation, which is believed to be the largest case of animal hoarding in the county, said Harold L. Domer Jr., director of the animal control division. He announced the animal seizure Monday night.

Animal hoarding is a serious crime… and an indication that someone has a serious psychological disorder. I know of an elderly lady who is a hoarder. She didn’t hoard animals, but she did hoard garbage. After several years of litigation, she lost her home through a condemnation action and court order, and most of her life savings. It took 4 huge dumpsters to empty all the garbage out of her home.

I remember, nearly 20 years ago, when she would tell me to “be careful” because people were roaming the neighborhood, breaking into houses, and stealing socks and underwear. The woman is bipolar and really can’t help it.

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