Saturday, December 31, 2005

Last Minute Preparations For New Year's Eve...

I am going to assume that all of you are smart enough to know that dogs have a tendency to run away from home when they hear fireworks go off on New Year’s Eve (and the Fourth Of July)?

Make sure you know where your pets are.

I hope your pets have tags on their collars, and also are microchipped.

I hope you have taken current digital photos of your dogs, or at least recent pictures of your dogs, so in case they run away, you can make up Lost Dog fliers.

Your doors are locked and your gates are closed.

The dogs aren’t being left alone in the back yard.

If the dogs are known to freak out, someone is going to stay with your dogs tonight… and they know the phone number and address of your local emergency veterinarian... and you have written up a form, and signed it, including your credit card number and cell phone numbers, which gives whoever is supervising your dog the authority to have your dogs treated in case of emergency...


Anyway, Happy New Year!

This year is over, and it is time to look forward to 2006. Much has been lost. Much has been gained. Things have been learned and things have to be changed. Plans need to be made, and strategies need to be implemented. Friends and family need to be appreciated, dogs included, because one day, they will be gone, and you'll never see them again.

Resolve to be a better person in 2006.

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