Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Pet Owner AIDS? Acquired Intelligence Deficiency Syndrome

There's something about rising from bed and stepping into a steaming puddle of warm urine that almost guarantees the rest of your day is not going to be good.

The same might also be said for having your morning newspaper torn into thousands of fragments, discovering a pool of vomit on your dressing gown, and having to interrupt breakfast to explain to your small son that his favourite, teddy-shaped flannel has been eviscerated, covered in a thick film of saliva and buried in a shallow grave under the swing set.

Indeed, since I bought a dog, my house has turned into a never-ending Fear Factor of ghastly and unusual sensory horrors.

I’m amazed at how IQ’s seemingly drop with otherwise intelligent people when they get a dog.

This person should have a.) Gotten a dog first aid book before she purchased a dog, read it, and made up a first aid kit for the house and vehicles; b.) consulted her veterinarian to learn about medical issues with her dog; and c.) hired a competent dog trainer and behaviorist for the remainder of these problems.

You can’t solve this stuff without some expert advice. And you can't solve problems like this if you are lazy and don't follow advice.

She’s risking the life of her dog, and making the whole dog owning experience miserable for herself.

No point being willingly ignorant and a cheapskate. Hire some professionals!

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