Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Dog Guards Owner After Plunge Down A Ravine

A WALKER stuck on a mountain overnight after falling down a gully has told how his faithful dog did not leave his side.

Jonathon Harrington was walking on Cadair Idris, in Snowdonia, on Christmas Day when he fell down the 30ft gully.

A search was launched but rescuers did not find Mr Harrington for more than 20 hours, and he spent Christmas night in agony.

His only company was Prince, a 15-year-old sheepdog, who cuddled up to his owner and guarded him.

Mr Harrington, of Brecon, Wales, said: "Prince wasn't injured but he was very cold.

"He was beside me when the rescuers arrived and he growled at them - he was obviously trying to protect me."

The experienced climber suffered head and spinal injuries which could stop him walking.

Have you ever experienced a situation where you knew your dog was in “protection” mode like this?

I have, several times.

The most recent example happened about 4 months ago. I was traveling with my dog, between Seattle and Phoenix, and had to pull over at a rest stop at about 2 am, just north of Redding, CA to sleep. As I slept in the back of my vehicle, my dog stayed awake all night, watching out the windows for strangers who approached near my vehicle. In normal circumstances, he NEVER does this kind of thing. He is with me all the time, and we have traveled a couple of hundred thousand miles together. But, when I lay down to sleep on a long trip, or if I pull over to take a nap, then he’s alert and watching over me while I sleep.

Interesting, huh?

How does he know? Why does he go into this protective mode when I’m asleep, but I don’t hardly ever see it when I’m awake in the vehicle?

Now, I’d call that a serious case of bonding, wouldn’t you?

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