Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Puppy Smugglers From Mexico Bring Diseased Dogs To The US

Puppy smugglers continue flooding the market with animals from Mexico, many of which die or pose health hazards to unsuspecting buyers, according to a recent survey.

Animal welfare agency inspectors found 517 puppies, many concealed in vehicles and destined for swap meets across Southern California, during the two-week survey earlier this month at the San Ysidro and Otay Mesa ports of entry.

The puppy smuggling phenomenon, first noticed about two years ago, troubles animal welfare groups, because many of the puppies suffer from parvovirus, distemper, scabies and other hard-to-detect ailments.

The animals — often mixed-breed poodles and other toy breeds — are usually sold to bargain-seeking buyers at swap meets or through classified advertising.

There are several lessons to be learned from this article:

1.) Illegal immigration across the US / Mexico border is harming our dogs. Gangs bring pit fighting operations back and forth across the border, resulting in vicious dogs being let loose in our streets. This has a direct impact on the whole breed ban issue, since these dogs are often implicated in attacks on innocent people. In addition, you can’t have diseased animals being brought here. We already have a looming catastrophe with the dog flu. If a more virulent form comes here from Mexico, then we could lose many of our dogs. And we don’t want the substandard genetics of these dogs being put into the gene pool of our other pet dogs, passing along genetic diseases that cost owners thousands of dollars and lots of heartache. THIS IS ANOTHER GOOD REASON WHY WE NEED SERIOUS BORDER AND ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION ENFORCEMENT!

2.) Lazy buyers buy poorly bred dogs. Lazy sluggards perpetuate the puppy mill business across the world. “Though they appear healthy, they often die within a week. "It's really hard on people," said Lt. Daniel DeSousa of the San Diego County Department of Animal Services. "We get calls from people saying, 'I spent $2,000, and the puppy died in my kids' arms.'”

3.) You should only buy a purebred puppy from a reputable breeder. I have an article at my business web page on how to buy a dog and choose a breeder. You should visit my web page at and learn how to get a well bred dog. You should NOT be buying a dog at a swap meet, you idiot! What kind of dog do you think you’ll be getting at some kind of flea market?

4.) Note how genetics plays a big factor in temperament and health. Well bred dogs wouldn’t warrant an article like this.

5.) Note the inhumane conditions these dogs are subjected to by these criminals: “The animals are believed to come from puppy mills in Tijuana and other Mexican cities. Many dogs are less than 6 months old and have not been vaccinated for rabies and other diseases. To get them across the border, smugglers often stuff the dogs in packing crates or hide them in spare-tire wheel wells. The puppies are heard whimpering inside trunks or underneath seats.

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