Saturday, December 31, 2005

Hunters Should Be Able To Use Dogs

Did you know that in many locations it is illegal to use a dog when hunting for game?

Think how inhumane that is.

A good and humane hunter wants to not only kill the animal it is hunting instantly, they want to bring the game home in order to turn it into food.

Let’s say you are hunting deer. It doesn’t matter whether you are using a rifle or a bow. You find a deer you wish to have, you shoot, but at the last moment, the deer moves and the shot hits the deer in a spot that won’t be instantly lethal. Then, the deer starts to run away.

The ethical hunter wants to track down the deer as quickly as possible in order to prevent the animal from any further suffering, and to make sure that the game isn’t wasted.

If the deer runs fast and far, the hunter won’t find the animal at all.

If the hunter has a dog at his or her side, then a trained dog could then be sent on the deer’s trail, to not only locate the deer, but then to guard it from predators so the hunter can bring the meat home.

The animal rights wackos have successfully caused the enactment of legislation to prevent hunters from bringing a dog along to locate an animal injured in the hunt. This is cynical and mean spirited. These types of laws need to be repealed.

I am NOT against hunting, nor am I against the use of dogs for hunting purposes. Yes, the dogs could be used by an unscrupulous hunter or nutcase to harass and maul animals for no purpose. But, it isn’t right to penalize responsible hunters, or injured animals, just because of a few criminals.

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Arielle said...

Instead of using dogs, my stepsons are being taught by their stepfather to go get the ducks he shoots. Who needs dogs?

Stop the world, I wanna get off, indeed.