Saturday, December 31, 2005

Mandatory Insurance For Dog Owners

VIENNA, Austria (AP) -- Authorities are putting the bite on the city's new dog owners starting next week.Under new city laws, liability insurance will be mandatory for Vienna dog owners who have canines born after Jan. 1.

Policies must have minimum coverage of $864,000. They are meant to pay for legal, hospital or other costs arising from any damage or injury caused by the dogs.Those caught without insurance could be forced to pay fines of more than $4,000.

More government meddling in the lives of innocent and good dog owners.

It is foolish governmental policy to always write and enforce laws that severely burden the majority to deal with the foolish actions of a small minority.

Legislation like this is too intrusive, and will amount to bans on hundreds of dog breeds over time. Insurers are risk averse, thus, they will more and more limit which dogs they won’t insure.

Further, look at how much insurance they are requiring of the average dog owner! That amount of insurance is INSANE. Most people don’t even have that much insurance on their vehicles in case of an auto accident!

This is dog hating at its worst. This IS the socialism I have been warning against since I started doing this dog blog.

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