Thursday, December 08, 2005

I Will Miss You, Dillon

My dog is dying.

I learned on May 13th of this year that my dog, Dillon, a 5 ½ year old Doberman had cardiomyopathy. The cardiopulmonary specialist told me that, in their experience, he had from one week to 3 months to live. It’s now been almost seven months, and I can tell the end is near.

The grief, the death, the anger, the loss, take much of the joy out of life.

I have made the best life I can for him, from the very first day. And I have appreciated him more than many people could ever know.

The time is near. Six years is just too soon for any dog to die.

Goodbyes have been said before, but yet again, I now find myself saying them. Not wishing to be true.

He has been a good friend, and family member.


roberta said...

I am so sorry to hear about Dillon. I remember the one and only day I met your dog.

You had come over to our house for a (free!) evaluation of our 2nd hand dalmatian, Eliot (aka the Jerk). You gave us so much help and hope that day.

Anyway, when you were leaving, I asked to see your dog. There he was, in his crate in the back of your van, looking a bit goofy with his uncropped ears and hound dog colors. But I remember thinking, that dog is ALL DOG!

How much more can a dog ask, than to live their life with someone who cares about them so much as to let them be the creature they were meant to be?

So anyway, you and Dillon are in my thoughts tonight. Rest assured you gave him a fantastic life and he'll be waiting for you in the great by-and-by.

-- Roberta Lubetich

Sam Basso said...

Thank you.