Friday, December 02, 2005

What Is The Best Pit Fighting Dog?

I know what you were surfing for last night. You want to know which breed is the best dog fighting breed versus the others? Pit bull vs. Tosa, Pit bull vs. Dogo, Dogo vs. wolf, etc.

I know the answer, but, why should I tell you?

What is the point of this blood sport? Why should I care which dog can kill another dog? What useful purpose does that information play in anyone’s normal life?

It is sick to fight dogs against one another. It is against nature and all it does is put many dogs that much closer to being banned and put into extinction.

How could you put a pet in a ring to fight to the death? If you can do that, then you have some serious psychological problems and need help. What is wrong in your life? Have you no love or compassion in your heart?

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