Sunday, December 04, 2005

Have You Purchased A Puggle? Then Your First Lesson Should Be House Training!

So, have you decided to get a Puggle after all?

If so, you should purchase my e-Lesson called “100% Housetrained”. Puggles are part beagle and part pug. Both breeds can be difficult to house train. So, you should assume that the Puggle will also be hard to house train… not impossible… just harder than some other breeds. If you have read my previous posts on Puggles, I don't dislike this new breed. But, I am concerned that people are going to get this dog, being unaware of what they are getting, and ending up giving them all to shelters about 2 years from now. So, if you have fallen in love with these little critters, then you need to do it right from the start. IT IS NOT UNUSUAL FOR DOG OWNERS TO PURCHASE THIS LESSON BEFORE THE PUPPY ARRIVES so they are prepared, from the first day, to do the house training properly. If all you know about house training is taking the dog out every 2 hours, spanking / rubbing their nose in the poop accidents, using "pee pads", OR you haven't owned a small dog that is hard to housetrain... YOU NEED THIS e-LESSON (95 page book plus email support for your individual questions)!

This house training program works. I have used it for all types of dogs, from puppy to adult, and all breeds.

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