Monday, December 05, 2005

Police K9's Not Compatible With Breed Bans or Breeding Restrictions

About 8 grams of crack cocaine, with a street value of $3,000, was seized in the raid along with drug paraphernalia, police said. While searching the house, a Monroe officer with a police dog caught Leonard Cinelli, 40, of Rugby Road, Shelton, going out a back door.

Do you ever consider the work police dogs do in our world?

Where do these dogs come from? Privately owned breeders.

Who trains them? Mosly private dog trainers.

Who sells them? Privately owned breeders.

Are you aware that some cities have breed bans, or breeding restrictions, which affect the very breeds they rely on to do police work? Kind of silly, isn’t it?

For example, Long Beach, California recently passed a law so that a private breeder could legally breed one litter of pups per year. It is impossible for the police to sustain K9 work with that low level of dog breeding, if that concept was extended nationwide.

Check this out:

The Long Beach Police Department’s Special Weapons and Tactics team (SWAT), with the assistance of Long Beach Police K-9 officers, arrested a suspect after he fled from Signal Hill Police Department in a stolen vehicle that was wanted in connection with a home invasion robbery.

Where do you think the Long Beach Police Department is getting their police K9’s? From a breeder that breeds one litter a year? No way.

It’s just crazy.

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