Thursday, May 09, 2013

Animal Rescue Takes Over Former Pet Store Location At Superstition Springs Center

"The idea of a mall location came in the fall when Elek read a story about Superstition Springs Center’s parent company, Macerich, looking to put animal rescue facilities in former pet store spots. It took months of contact and work, Elek said, but in March, Pawtique had its “soft” opening. Since then, the facility has averaged about one adoption a day. The Pawtique only carries cats and small dogs, but Panacea takes in dogs and cats of all sizes."

I think this will be a new trend in animal welfare. Think about it. If a pet store can sell puppy mill dogs for $3000, why can't a rescue "sell" dogs for $300? Of course they can, and people will buy. And they will also buy supplies to support their efforts, which will bring in even more revenue for the rescue operation. Shopping mall operators could also use these stores to generate additional traffic to help support their other tenants. So, it is a win for everyone. This is one idea that you should be studying if you are into animal rescue.

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