Monday, May 06, 2013

Dog Runs Away One Too Many Times, Owner Faces Jail

"A Fairbanks man has paid almost $1,800 in recent months to repeatedly bail his runaway dog Toby out of the doggy jail. Then he shot a moose, ostensibly to protect the Siberian husky, and now Toby's owner could face jail time himself."

Here's the deal, this sounds like a typical, fun Husky... and if they get a chance to run and roam, they will. But, after 4 escapes, this owner should have gotten a clue there was a problem and hired a professional dog trainer to help him.

Now he is facing jail, because the dog got loose, tangled with a moose, the owner shot the moose dead to protect the dog, the dog was off leash... and so the owner might be without a defense.

I feel bad for the dog, because it is being allowed to learn how to escape, and the dog's life has now been endangered. This dog owner isn't doing him any favors, and hopefully has learned his lesson.

Good dog ownership means proper supervision and containment. I can't call this guy a good owner based on what I've read in this article.

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