Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Protecting Your Dog From Coyotes

"A Department of Environmental Control official and an animal advocate recommended high fences – not invisible ones. They also said people should haze coyotes – throw rocks and bang pots and pans – to scare them away. CBS 2’s Lou Young reported Tuesday that a coyote den likely has been established in Chappaqua, and its members consider other canines to be competition – and occasionally food. “They’re having they’re pups; they’re getting a little more protective of their territories,” said animal trapper Jim Horton. “You know you leave you little Fluffy out in the yard and they’re going to take advantage.”'

I am amazed how people turn to government to wipe out species when the problem lies with the people. Look, we don't need to kill more coyotes, foxes or wolves. The problem is that if we decide to live near the habitats of wild animals, then we need to practice good supervision and containment of our domesticated animals, including our dogs. In addition, stop putting out "bait" for wild animals... such as food scraps... or unattended dogs.

We either come to terms with nature, or we wipe it out. That's the choice. We don't need more laws, we need more common sense, and we need to understand that nature isn't what we see in a Disney cartoon.

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