Thursday, May 23, 2013

It's Not Safe To Leave Dogs Unsupervised

"The thieves stole loaded guns, electronics and beat up her dog Maddie. “They threw cinder blocks and used firewood that was for our fire pit in the backyard to hit our dog,” said Daily. “They could have just shot her and left, but thank God she’s alive.”'

I don't believe it is safe to leave dogs unattended in a back yard. Yes, I know that for some people, that is their best option, but it is also important to understand the risks to you and your dog.

I suggest that every home with a dog have a security system. Get the best system you can afford. If you are really poor, at least have signs, pretending that your place is alarmed and under surveillance. Get involved in a neighborhood watch program. Install cameras and alarms if you can.

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