Sunday, May 05, 2013

Pit Bull Saves Woman From Being Trapped In Burning House

"A pit bull saved a woman whose home had caught fire, barking to alert her as flames threatened to engulf the entire house. The incident took place in Long Island, New York, on Friday. Jackie Bonasera was at home drying her hair in an upstairs bathroom of her home when suddenly she heard the pit bull barking. Bonasera ran downstairs to see flames coming from the other side of the garage. The protective nature of the pit bull saved the woman, who was able to escape the house in time."

Wait a doggone minute. I thought pit bulls were supposed to kill people, not save them. Maybe the dog will kill her next week.

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Shirley Cheon said...

What an awful thing to say even if you are kidding. Pit bulls are wonderful dogs. They can have aggressive issues due to breeding and/or raising. Ignorant people should not have pit bulls. With proper breeding, raising, training, and love pit bulls are great dogs.