Sunday, May 12, 2013

Don't Abandon Your Dog, It Is A Crime

"Ms. Malliotakis, who's sponsored a number of pet-friendly bills, said folks who can no longer care for pets, for whatever reason, shouldn't leave them to fend for themselves, as Charlie was. They can bring the animals to a veterinarian, no-kill shelter, police or groups such as Anarchy Animal Rescue"

It's shocking the number of dogs that are abandoned by their owners... in the desert, left behind when people move, put in dumpsters, thrown out of cars, and on and on. Laws need to be stiffened for such abuse and cruelty. There are places that will take a dog if you can't keep it.

Otherwise, suffer the consequences. They are committing a crime.

You have to figure those that abandon dogs need some serious prison time. If they are this callous about a helpless dog, then they need some serious punishment.

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