Wednesday, May 01, 2013

What Kind Of Mental Case Kills A Dog?

"A family is demanding answers after their ten pound dog was shot dead in their backyard. The Garlands want the person responsible to know how much pain they have caused"

I really want to understand what kind of a mental case kills a helpless dog like this? Because... I don't understand. I will not understand. I want people like this found and sent to prison for a very long time.

I do know this... something is seriously wrong with our society. We are suffering from a moral and spiritual sickness. Our worst fears are here, and most of us don't really even know it yet. This stuff is just a sign of things to come. The barbarians aren't at the gate anymore... we've become the barbarians. The problem is us.

Society is breaking down right before our very eyes, and I don't think most people even see it. Did the Roman Empire, the Greeks, the Egyptians know the point at which they were about to collapse? I wonder.

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