Thursday, May 16, 2013

Either Contain Your Dogs, Or Lose Your Dogs

"A prize one ton bull had to be put down after it was savaged by two American bulldogs"

Look, you know I love dogs. Love all of them. But, with dog ownership comes a lot of responsibility, which includes making sure your dogs don't get loose and harm someone else, some other animal, or someone else's things. This means using proper containment.

Most of my dog training students need to be educated... and reminded... about how to properly supervise and contain their dogs. We go over proper doors, fencing, gates, crates, kennels, procedures, and such. The law is intolerant of escaped dogs, as it should be.

Obey the law, or your dog might end up dead, and you'll be at fault... and possibly also get a big fine, a huge financial judgment, and even time in prison.

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