Thursday, May 16, 2013

Can You Identify A Breed Or Mix?

"In a new study that was just released, researcher Victoria Voith once again exposes the challenges of identifying dominant breeds of mixed breed dogs, even by "experts" in the field"

The folly of pit bull breed bans is that there is no reliable way to identify a breed of dog. All you can get are probabilities, and even then, experts can disagree. That is even true of pure bred dogs. Many pure bred dogs are not really pure bred. First off, many breeds have gone extinct and have been recreated in the past 100 years. Second, it isn't unusual for a breeder to slip in a related breed, to bring in some characteristic, and then sell them as pure bred dogs. It happens more frequently than you might imagine.

Can you make a guess? Sure. Should dog bite laws be designed around those guesses? No.

Hat Tip: KC Dog Blog

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