Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Karma? Police Officer Kills Dog And Accidentally Shoots Fellow Cop, Too

"A Chicago police officer was shot in the leg by a fellow officer who had fired at a charging dog in the Englewood neighborhood"

Cops shooting dogs is becoming a very big story. Animal welfare advocates are getting mighty angry, and so are many dog lovers, over stories like this.

Those of us that know dog behavior, or do dog rescue, know how to deal with loose dogs. We work with them every day, and most of these dogs are just overly stressed, poorly managed dogs that would be fine in the hands of responsible dog owners. We want to be called by the cops, or we want animal control called, when a dog is loose. That's what animal control is for, that's what we are paying our tax dollars for.

We know a lot of innocent, poorly managed dogs are being murdered (yes, I'm using that language) by overzealous, poorly managed, unprofessional cops. Yes, we also know there might be instances where there is no choice... but that's not majority of these cases. If the police don't clean up their own act, then we'll clean it up for them.

We want legal reform, and we want owners to be able to claim five figure damages. And we want harsh legal penalties for cops who violate these laws. This has got to stop.

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