Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dogs Poisoned, Police Investigate

"2 Dogs Being Treated For Antifreeze Poisoning In Fayette Co... she came home to find her dogs unable to move, and she found vomit everywhere"

If I can give a tip to the owner and the police, it would be that these situations usually revolve around some crazy neighbor getting angry about barking dogs. There are goofy people out there that will take the law into their own hands and kill your dog.

I tell people all the time to not leave their dogs unattended in the yard, especially if you have a known nasty neighbor, or if your dogs are known to bark a lot.

Few things make people go mental over a dog more than barking.

Another target are dogs that poop in neighbor's yards. It drives some people nuts. It can also be someone that is a dog hater in general.

Lastly, some people are psychopaths or psychotic, and they will kill dogs.

But, if I was placing a bet, it would be on the guy that hates barking dogs.

I hope these dogs recover, and the person responsible sent to prison for a good long time. I think it is reasonable to figure this was not an accident.

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