Sunday, March 04, 2012

BC Dog Beaten By Burglars Expected To Recover

I think burglars and robbers are increasingly becoming prepared to kill dogs when they enter property. I'm seeing more and more stories of this type in the news. It started, I think, when police started making it more and more of a standard practice to shoot all the dogs as they came into illegal drug dealing operations. Now, the tables have been turned, and the criminals are now killing the dogs.

The role of the guard dog is obsolete. Yes, sometimes the dog will drive off an intruder, but the dog is at a serious disadvantage. Even a hundred years ago, when pit fighting was legal, baboons were shown to be able to kill a dog in a pit fight. They were smarter and more resourceful than the dogs and won most of the time. There IS a way for dogs to fight back if left alone, but I won't post that advice here... hire a professional K9 protection dog expert to give you suggestions... I don't want to tip off the bad guys.

If you look at how the professionals now use protection dogs, it is always with the dog working with an armed handler, such as a police, military, or prison situation.

In this case, burglars in BC entered the home, and nearly killed the owner's American Staffordshire Terrier. The good news in this story is that the dog is expected to recover, and the burglars appear to have been bitten by the dog.

"Despite being shot and beaten, Rumble was still able to force the burglar to flee before filling up the bag"

Canada West Veterinary Specialists did the surgery for free because the owner couldn't afford it. If you live in their town... THAT IS THE VET I'D HIRE. They are good people.

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