Thursday, March 08, 2012

What Is A Dog Shelter's Mission?

I am currently working with a rescue dog, a pit bull, that was hit by a car. The dog was pretty banged up, and is now displaying defensive aggressive tendencies. So, this rescue group has come to me for assistance. We are working this through.

I then ran across this excellent article about dogs like this. And it speaks to the same principles I believe in, as well. Dogs like this need extra care. They don't get better on their own. Way too many traumatized dogs are needlessly put to death in animal control shelters every week because no one works out that dog's problems. The dog is just supposed to figure it out for themselves. It is clumsy work and inhumane. Especially when there are rescue volunteers willing to help these dogs. Dog rescue volunteers are on a mission to save these dogs, and we should allow them to do so.

Please read this article.

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