Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cities Limiting The Number Of Dogs You Own

So, listen to this garbage...

Well, armpits also smell, people talk, and they have excrement, too. How about outlawing that, too? Sounds like a dog hater to me. And even if the guy loves dogs, I think anyone that would make this kind of statement is also the kind of busybody that I wouldn't want to live around. I think we all have had enough of the Nanny State in our lives, we don't need any more fussbudgets messing with our right to own a dog. And I've had about enough of lawyers, haven't you?

Here is a woman that moved into a town that only allows you to own 2 dogs. But, she has 4 dogs. So, she is moving. Good. That is what she should do.

There are always reasonable limits to everything in life. And we can all have our opinions about what is that amount. But, laws should also have a reasonable basis, sometimes with science to back it up. I would bet that a 2 dog limit could be challenged in court on Constitutional grounds and defeated. But, who has that kind of money? Pit bull advocates challenged laws on Constitutional grounds and won on that basis as well, challenging the definition that pit bulls were inherently vicious. That just didn't stand up in court.

Anyways, if you are a dog hater, then move to Wausau, Wisconsin. It would be interesting to see how full their animal shelter is, and how many dogs are put to death in that community because of the 2 dog limit. I think they are a bunch of losers, and they all deserve one another.

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