Saturday, March 03, 2012

Dog Beach Now Legal Near Trump's National Golf Course

It is insane that we have so many miles of salt water beaches that are off limits to dogs. I mean seriously... is that necessary?  

1.) Plenty Of Space: We have THOUSANDS of miles of salt water coastline. 

2.) Poop Laws Are A Farce: The oceans are teeming with wild animals that poop and eat in all that water, so cleanliness of the waters is not a real issue. Pooper scooper laws can easily be enforced. Responsible pickup happens when bag stations are set up all along any park... people will use them if they are available. 

3.) Dogs Need Social Opportunities: Many of these beaches are next to heavily populated urban cities where dogs have few chances to exercise, play and socialize. Beaches provide a quality of life for all the residents because dogs that get that exercise, socialization, and play are not going to be so much of a nuisance back home. 

4.) Appropriate Use: There is nothing to break at a salt water beach, no lawn that needs fertilizing, no mowing, nothing. So, dog friendly beaches are easy to maintain. And nature has its own way of cleaning up any remaining residue. Dog owners would also be willing to have a use fee tacked onto dog food sales to pay for animal control services (dog licenses are not a good way of raising funds, excluding some and penalizing others).

5.) Park Safety: And safety can easily be provided by sectioning off part of the coastline for dogs and people, and parts that are for people only. Let people choose where they prefer to go. Dogs and their owners then tend to patrol parks after dark, reducing crime. Put up lights, encourage nighttime dog walking. Cockroaches, just like criminals, hate the light...

6.) Reduction Of Nuisance Animals: Dogs and their owners tend to shoo away nuisance scavengers, such as pigeons, geese, crows, and such, so the beaches are actually cleaner and nicer.

Most of the dog bans on salt water beaches are the result of noisy and nosy dog haters, timid politicians, overly bored busybodies at zoning boards, animal control departments that actually make it harder to own a dog responsibly, and a lack of effort by dog owners to petition the government for the right to use parks that they pay for with their tax dollars.

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LuLu said...

Apparently they have made it illegal now. I went this morning and there are signs up saying no animals allowed. I'd like to start a petition as this is such a great place for dogs and not a great place for a family day at the beach.