Sunday, March 04, 2012

Preparing Your Pets For A National Emergency

Do you have a plan for your pet in case of a national emergency, such as flooding, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, fire, or terrorism? The US Government (FEMA - Federal Emergency Management Agency) has created some excellent resources for these situations. There is even financial assistance for non-profit animal rescue groups to fund their efforts. Take a look:

All rescue organizations, and volunteers, should have plans IN ADVANCE for such emergencies. The same is true for individuals, veterinarians, groomers, dog trainers, animal control, and such. Simple things, such as having your paperwork ready to go, and on file where necessary, would be a big help. Having digital photos and other information stored online, and networking with other professionals in advance. And knowing the government programs inside and out.

You need to know this stuff, whether for your dog, cat, horse, llama, goat, cow, bull, chicken, pet bird... you name it.

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