Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Yes, People Do Steal Dogs

Dogs are stolen all the time. They are sometimes stolen to be resold for drug money. Sometimes they are stolen to be used as bait dogs for illegal pit fighting criminal operations. Sometimes, they are stolen because someone covets what you want and they want it themselves. Sometimes they are stolen for weird psychological reasons, such as by stalkers or those that want revenge on you or your dog. And sometimes they are stolen for ransom.

In this story, there was a police sting to try and capture criminals that stole a dog for ransom. According to the news report the owners put up a Lost Dog flier. They received a call saying that the dog had been found, but the person demanded $500. So, the police were called by the owners, a meeting was set up to exchange the dog for the money, but when it all came down, the police were there instead of the owners. The guy tried to run, but was caught and arrested, and apparently others were involved in the crime but these dognappers haven't yet been arrested or identified. The dog was found at this guy's place about a mile away.

Now, I have to give the normal boilerplate disclaimer: everyone is considered innocent until proven guilty. These guys could be innocent, right? OK, now that was said... if this guy and his buddies are convicted, then this deserves some serious prison time, don't you think?

Also, it is STUPID to leave dogs unattended in your yard. Especially if you have a cute or valuable dog. I've seen a lot more dognapping cases over the past 5 years. There are people scoping out your home and things every day. You need to realize that. If these people think they can get something of yours, they will try. Many times, stolen dogs never make it back home. They die along the way. Keep your dogs inside when you are away, OK?

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