Sunday, March 04, 2012

Miley Cyrus Goes To The Dogs

I have to tell you, I really don't like Miley Cyrus. She's another in a long list of young female celebrities that have trashed up the culture. If I had a kid, I wouldn't let them buy her stuff, listen to her music, go to her concerts, or dress like her. She is a bad influence. Hannah Montana has morphed into another pole dancing, drug using, piece of Hollywood garbage. Instead of using her talents for good, she's wasting them, and I bet one day, her 15 minutes of fame will be up, and we'll see her bedraggled, wrinkly, toothless face and saggy 30 year old body on the front of The Enquirer. At least Charlie Sheen will have a hookup partner... that is, if he is still alive.

And why is it that these tramps are always posing with dogs? Paris Hilton did it with her Chihuahuas, and set off a craze... now the shelters are full of unwanted Chihuahuas... Many are put to death every week because of overcrowding. When a celebrity gets linked with a particular breed of dog, then there is always the potential that stupid people will get that dog for themselves or their stupid kids. The dogs are purchased for the wrong reasons, no lifetime commitment is there, and when the next fad comes along, the dog is abandoned. Of course, she already has 3 dogs. Let's see how that plays out over time, too.

Today our favorite Tramp Of The Week, Miley Cyrus has posted on Twitter a picture of her and her boyfriend's cute Boxer puppy, which she purchased for her boyfriend (what, he can't afford his own dog?). Now, we have also heard that she is an abuser of marijuana. Say what you will, but substance abuse and dog ownership don't mix. I know someone that is very familiar with Hollywood, and that person has told me it is very common to see lines of coke and every imaginable pill laid out on tables for guests. This is the world that these celebrities live in. I don't know if Miley's doing the hard stuff, but she is still a bad influence, and there's no way I'd have her around my dog.

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