Monday, March 05, 2012

Do Dogs Have A Migration Instinct?

Some species of bird migrate from one part of the globe to another. We all know that. Migration is a type of behavioral pattern, a group movement from one place to another in order to find safe places to mate and find food, stimulated by seasonal changes.

I have read that Cesar Millan has said in "Cesar's Way" (2006) that wolves have a "migration instinct", walking to find food. Thus, when a dog goes for a walk, it is satisfying that instinct. Sorry, wolves don't migrate. They don't. They might follow groups of prey, but that isn't the same thing as an instinct to migrate. In fact, it is dangerous for wolves to leave their territory, because nearby packs will attack them. 

Do the Yellowstone wolves, for example, take a winter vacation in Mexico? Do the wolves in Alaska go to Disneyland during the winter? On the other hand, migrating bird species migrate seasonally, triggered by changes that occur because of the seasons. They do it regardless of the other animals around them.

He seems like a nice guy, but again and again, I find stuff he says to be flat out ridiculous. If I'm accurate in what he is saying... then I can only conclude he is either an idiot or a fraud or lazy, and not wise being a public figure by saying ridiculous things like this.

And it is even worse that his followers (owners, dog walkers, dog trainers, etc.) are doing what he says to dogs. When you believe something that isn't true, and then act upon it, don't be surprised when you don't get the results you expected.

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Jordan Morris said...

I think you are splitting hairs here. And calling someone like Milan lazy is ridiculous in itself. You have a point that his use of the word migration is incorrect or at least inaccurate in the way in which you want to use it (as your bird migration example suggest), but migration can simply mean moving from one area to another. And in that case, within a wolf packs territory, he's not wrong at all. Do you honestly think he was suggesting that wolves migrate from one region/country to another? Come on. What's most disappointing about this article is that you spend it's entirety throwing mud on a man that clearly is doing something right. If you want to seem like an expert yourself, then offer another insight and make my investment in your blog valuable for myself and other readers and stop spending any more time simply trashing another public figure. It's petty. Milan tells me to walk my dogs. You tell me Milan is a fraud. Where do you think I'm going next time I'm surfing for pet information? I'll migrate to Milan, thank you.