Friday, March 16, 2012

Using Dogs To Detect Oil Spills

What a great idea!! There are many uses for dogs. This is something that we can't so easily duplicate with technology. And it is cheaper to use a dog than to develop a special sensor that can work in rugged, subzero environments.

Of course, Greenpeace says it is impossible for dogs to do this kind of thing. What a bunch of loons. Dogs were used 50 years ago to detect leaking natural gas, before companies used that rotten egg smell, in deeply buried pipes. The dogs could detect the leaks, and then the pipes could be dug up and fixed. Greenpeace says this because of political motives, not because they have any science to back up their ridiculous claims. If arson dogs can be trained to find chemicals used to start fires, petroleum products I might add, then they can easily sniff out oil leaks. It is a no brainer, except for those with no brains. It is one thing to have a cause, a belief in something, it is another to make up lies just to get your way. When your lies are exposed, you look stupid and it hurts your cause.

In fact: "The dogs – border collies Jippi and Blues, and dachshund Tara – were able to pick up the scent of oil up to 5km downwind of a spill."

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