Friday, March 09, 2012

Landlords Banning Pit Bulls And Other Dogs

I am all for private property rights. I don't believe in social engineering. If you want to discriminate against someone, then go ahead. And if that puts you out of business, then tough luck. You might have the right to discriminate against someone owning a certain breed of dog... so fine, others will get the business. Yet, some landlords are banning pit bulls and other dogs.

You know, it is easy to get easy business. Anyone can work with a tenant with perfect credit, a perfect job, a perfect everything life. All the landlords in town can do that with no skills at all. But, the profit margin is in dealing with those that aren't perfect. That is true in any business. I don't just take the easy dogs and the perfect students. I take the problem dogs and and difficult students. Any novice dog trainer can work with an easy dog in an easy situation. It takes a real pro to work out difficult problems. That's what sets me apart.

Landlords are a dime a dozen. No one needs them unless you are in some backwater town, and even then, there is a big world out there... so MOVE. But, even there, you'll still find stupid ones...

"Landlords increasingly are barring specific breeds of dogs at rental properties, and pit bulls are at the top of the list. Insurers are refusing to cover homeowners who have pit bulls, Rottweilers and other so-called "bully breeds," or are charging their owners higher premiums. The New York City Housing Authority, the city's largest landlord, has banned pit bulls from its dwellings, and a handful of municipalities have outlawed the dogs."

Look dude, your building isn't the only game in town. Dog owners vote and dog owners have lots of money. I've paid extra for rent, security deposits, and pet deposits. Even when I travel, I look for dog friendly hotels, and will pay extra to have my dog with me. Dog people have money.

So, this kind of garbage will always go on. That's fine. Let these stupid landlords be. Someone else wants your business, and dog owners will vote with their pocketbooks. Over time, these dog haters lose business. Just look at the stats on how many people own dogs. I'd hate to not get that business. It is so easy to find good dog owning tenants, and insurance that will cover any risks. But... if that's what you are facing, go somewhere that wants your money and your dog. It's a big world out there.

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