Friday, March 02, 2012

Would You Clone Your Dog?

If you want to clone your dog, expect to pay $100,000.

Would you do it? I wouldn't.

First, there are plenty of living dogs that are scheduled to die every week in shelters. Lots of perfectly good dogs, great dogs.

Second, the dog you clone won't be the same dog that died. It might share the same genetics (and even that isn't true, because cloning introduces genetic defects into the clone).

Third, if your dog was a purebred, you can always go to a reputable breeder and get an identical dog, maybe even better than the dog you have. Cloning is a type of breeding. Breeding should be left up to good breeders, not laboratories.

Fourth... ARE YOU NUTS?!!! It is insane to pay $100,000 for a dog that isn't even going to duplicate the dog you now have.

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